Reach Programme

Children living in poverty are four times more likely to face exclusion than their peers. ‘Reach’ is a three year programme aimed at reducing these rates and is currently delivered in areas with high exclusion levels

Reach exists to help schools meet the complex needs of pupils identified as at risk of exclusion.

Despite a keen awareness of the issue across the sector, fixed and permanent exclusions are high and rising, disproportionately so for children living in poverty.

The effects are life-long. Being excluded significantly increases a young person’s chance of being involved in crime and makes it less likely they will find a good job.

Using an evidence based approach Right to Succeed supports schools to build on the potential of these children.

The programme is suitable for individual schools, Local Authorities or Multi-Academy Trusts wanting to reduce exclusion rates.

The cost

Individual families and their children are not the only ones left paying the price when, despite their best efforts, pupils are unable to realise their potential:

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How the programme works

Our Right to Succeed Programme Director appoints a local Programme Manager to support schools through our Collective Approach (Identity, Design, Deliver and Reflect). Over the course of three years, we support schools to identify the needs of the pupils most at risk of exclusion.

We work in consultation with targeted young people and their parents/carers to co-design and review interventions and strategies that are proven to meet that need. Through this work, we aim to deepen and broaden understanding of the needs of those most at risk of exclusion and create systemic solutions to addressing these. We work with schools, intervention partners and through a local steering group to bring together and support the best local and national partners. The steering group oversees the programme as well designing local objectives to create wider impact.