Discovery Phase Projects

Right to Succeed is committed to developing, piloting, and sustaining and growing collaborative solutions that meet the needs of children and young people.

In a Discovery phase we work with a local area to determine whether the conditions are in place whereby our programmes could be effective. The outcome of a Discovery phase is to provide both the local area and Right to Succeed with the information to decide that the conditions have been met and so whether a programme such as ours could be successfully delivered.

Over a period of six months, we carry out rigorous desktop data analysis and research into the local culture and population. We invest in building relationships with key stakeholders and working with them to understand an area’s readiness and capacity for our approach and sustainable place-based change.

Any Discovery project would look to ensure the conditions required to succeed are in place in that area before any delivery project starts. Our conditions are based on the evidence from reviews of collective impact approaches internationally, which we then reviewed against our learning from the Blackpool pilot:

We are currently running two Discovery phases, one in Manchester and the other in North Birkenhead.

We have been working with Manchester City Council and SHINE Trust , to complete a Discovery phase considering how the risk of exclusion could be reduced across the City.

We are now fundraising for delivery of the project, which will initially focus on understanding and meeting the capability needs of all Year 7 pupils across 9 selected secondary school, including the Secondary Pupil Referral Unit. The vision for the project is “Every child understood, every child supported, every child succeeds”. Schools are currently undergoing the identify work to understand these capability needs, with a view to designing and delivering collective solutions to these needs that will reduce the risk of exclusion in the future.

In partnership with the Steve Morgan Foundation, SHINE, the North Birkenhead Development Trust and Wirral Council, we are considering how young people’s outcomes in North Birkenhead might be transformed, right through from cradle to career.

The community faces many challenges, with multiple deprivation, education outcomes, employment outcomes and health outcomes all in the bottom 10% nationally. The project aims to create the conditions whereby a collective, place-based project could be used to better support young people, their families and the community assets around them.

Over the six month Discovery Phase a wide-ranging consultation will take place, looking to create a common understanding of the need and agree a common vision, create a measurement framework by which we will monitor progress, understand the key activities that will drive change, and create the communication channels and backbone support through which the community can drive the change it wants to see.