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Right to Succeed is committed to working where we are needed most, but what does this mean in practice?

Closing the gap?

There is a well established gap in educational outcomes for children living in poverty but does this always start in the early years and what happens when children leave school? Does parent’s income affect children’s educational outcomes in similar ways in different parts of the country?

We have presented data from 324 Local Authority districts in England. This allows you to explore how educational and social inequity affects different regions:

  • Select different views to see how outcomes change with ‘age and stage’ across the UK
  • Compare young people making the transition into adulthood to those in primary school.
  • Explore different outcomes such as performance in English or Maths, attendance or exclusions.

This work began as an exploratory project using data released by The Department for Education ahead of the opportunity area commissioning.

  • Additional data has been added to enrich the analysis.
  • Pupil Premium funding at the school level has been aggregated to districts.
  • Unemployment and median salary data has been sourced from the ONS.
  • The best available proxy for exclusion at this level was added from the ‘Pupil Absence’ DfE release, which contains the number of days lost to fixed term exclusions.
  • All sources are available on hover in the footnotes section of the dashboard.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about this work. We would be please to share more detailed reporting with commissioners or leaders in local areas who would be interested in knowing more about district level data.

What’s next?

The DfE has begun putting out more releases to this geographic level and we hope to resource an update of this tool in the near future to reflect the latest data and begin assessing trends where appropriate.